This is a collection of recipes passed down by the Houghton sisters ~
Barbara, Dorcas & Frances.

An idea that became a reality when family bonded together to gather recipes from the past. I would like to thank everyone for their submissions. Many a memory we have from these tasty treats and hopefully by putting them all together ~
many more can be made.


Coming soon: Applesauce Cake, Carrot Cake, War Cake, Gingerbread, Gumdrop Pound Cake, Green Tomato Mincemeat, Apple Pudding, Apple Crisp & Banana Muffins

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Dolly Squares

Hello Dolly Squares

Melt in 9X9 pan.

½ c. butter/margarine

Sprinkle over it.

1 c. crushed graham crackers

Then 1 c. fine coconut

1 c. chocolate chips

½ c nuts

Then pour over all

1 can sweeten condensed Eagle Brand milk

Bake 325 degrees oven for 30-40 minutes.


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